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National IVF Summit and Awards 2024: A Landmark Event in Advancing Fertility Care

The National IVF Summit and Awards 2024, organised by Voice Of Healthcare, successfully concluded at Delhi’s Hyatt Regency, New Delhi.

Supported by the Indian Fertility Society (IFS), the event gathered leading experts in the IVF industry, including Dr. K D Nayar, Dr. Shweta Mittal Gupta, Dr. B K Rana, and Dr. Duru Shah.

The summit focused on the latest advancements and critical issues in IVF. Key discussions included topics like “Transforming Access to IVF Care,” “IVF Access and Affordability,” and “Securing the Future of Assisted Reproduction: Insurance, Investments, Landscapes in IVF Care.” Experts such as Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Dr. Abha Majumdar, and Dr. Sonia Malik shared their insights, fostering rich dialogue.

Opening remarks by Dr. Naveen Nishchal, Chairman & Founder of Voice Of Healthcare, set the tone, emphasizing the impact of lifestyle factors on infertility and the importance of innovation and community support in IVF. Dr. Shweta Mittal Gupta stressed the need for insurance coverage to make IVF more accessible and affordable.

The event featured presentations from partners like Metropolis Healthcare and fireside chats with prominent figures such as Dr. Bindu Bajaj and Dr. Sonia Malik. These sessions highlighted the importance of unifying public and private IVF institutions and empowering women's health through advancements in IVF.

The awards ceremony recognized leaders in the IVF sector. Honorees included Dr. Kamini Rao for Lifetime Achievement in ART Advancement in India, Dr. Duru Shah for Women's Health Advocacy, and Dr. Hrishikesh Pai for Global Leadership in Assisted Reproduction. Institutions like Indira IVF and ART Fertility Clinics were also celebrated for their contributions to fertility care.

Voice Of Healthcare expressed gratitude to all participants and partners, including Policybazaar, SafeTree, and Intas Women Health, for their support in making the event a milestone in advancing fertility care in India.

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