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WHO Webinar Explores Health in All Policies for Advancing Equity

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently hosted a webinar through its Global Knowledge Network for Health Equity and the Global Network for Health in All Policies. The session delved into the concept of Health in All Policies (HiAP) and its potential to drive equity across diverse sectors.

Led by WHO's Director of the Department of Social Determinants of Health, Etienne Krug, the webinar aimed to educate participants on HiAP's role in fostering comprehensive action for health equity. Nicole Valentine, Programme Manager at WHO, presented insights on how HiAP contributes to achieving health equity and highlighted the WHO's guidance to aid in its effective implementation.

A pivotal component of the webinar was a panel discussion facilitated by Carmel Williams, Director of the Centre for HiAP Research Translation in Australia. The discussion featured real-world examples from countries that have successfully integrated HiAP into their policies and initiatives.

Dr. Tipicha Posayanonda from Thailand shared insights on the impact of HiAP on the Thai School Lunch policy, illustrating how health considerations can be integrated into educational settings. Gladys Mugambi, representing Kenya's Ministry of Health, discussed the integration of health and nutrition across various sectors in Kenya, showcasing the practical application of HiAP in national policies. Additionally, Ms. Gigja Gunnarsdottir from Iceland highlighted Iceland's approach to promoting wellbeing for all through a health-promoting community model.

The webinar primarily targeted government officials and stakeholders responsible for coordinating actions on social determinants at a national level. By sharing these experiences and discussing the WHO's guidance document, the webinar aimed to inspire and equip participants with actionable insights to implement HiAP effectively in their respective contexts.

Through such initiatives, WHO continues to advocate for the integration of health considerations across all sectors, underscoring the critical role of HiAP in advancing global health equity agendas.


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