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Kokilaben Hospital deploys robotic-arm assisted Technology for precision hip and knee replacement

Centre for Bone and Joint of Navi Mumbai  based Kokilaben Hospital, has announced the launch of its first ever robotic-arm assisted surgical system, for joint replacement surgery.

A team of surgeon lead by Dr Subhash Dhiware, Consultant, Orthopedics, at Kokilaben Hospital successfully performed first two surgeries using   the Stryker Mako, which is considered as one of the most advanced ortho-robotic technologies in the world for joint replacement surgeries.

“The evolution of technology in the field of orthopaedic surgery today enables precise and flawless joint replacements as compared to manual surgery,” Dr Subhash Dhiware, said.

“Mako’s CT-based planning creates a three dimensional model of the diseased joint to give the surgeon a complete view into the patient’s joint and the defect. This allows the surgeon to prepare a personalised plan for each individual patient,” he added while pointing out that every patient’s joint structure is different, and arthritis or other joint damage resulting in further alteration of the joint.

“This is invaluable in difficult cases and enables the surgeon to position the joint implant with extreme precision and accuracy,” he further added.

Elaborating on the advantages of the system, Dr Dhiware said that it prevents complications from injuries to surrounding normal tissues.

“Its haptic technology enables surgeons to cut precisely as per the plan with less soft tissue damage and greater bone preservation.”

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Speaking on the occasion, the Director and Head of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai said that the hospital has been at the forefront of bringing technology driven solutions for the benefit of patients.

“Robotic surgical platforms have transformed the surgery with faster recovery, fewer complications and less scarring as compared to conventional surgery,” he pointed out.

The hospital informed that it aims to perform over 80% of knee and joint surgeries using the system.

Emphasising that the centre is dedicated to the correction, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skeletal abnormalities in patients, including joint, bone, ligament, muscle, tendon, skin, and nerve diseases, Kokilaben Hospital said that the department is equipped with high-end infrastructure and provides advanced orthopaedic treatment and techniques to treat shoulder, foot, hand, knee, hip, spine and sports traumas.

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