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Breathing new life: Alkem's nationwide Breathe initiative takes flight on World Lung Day

In alignment with the 2023 theme of World Lung Day, which emphasises "Ensuring Access to Prevention and Treatment for Everyone, Leaving No One Behind, "Indian drug major  Alkem said that the company is embarking on an expansive nationwide campaign

According to a media statement released by the company, the primary objective of this initiative is to enhance awareness surrounding the significance of lung health, emphasizing early diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Alkem said that it is firmly dedicated to extending its outreach to every corner of India in response to the growing number of individuals grappling with respiratory ailments.

To fulfil its mission, the company plans to host 700-800 outreach programs throughout India while collaborating with nearly 100 hospitals in tier-1 and tier-2 cities.

Commenting on the state of lung ailments in the country, Sudipta Roy, President, Head-Acute Business, Alkem Laboratories, stated, “India faces a significant burden of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRD), contributing to 15.69% of the global CRD cases.”

Pointing out that India accounts for a disproportionate 30.28% of all global deaths attributed to CRD, he added, “One particular CRD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), is especially prevalent in India, with a staggering 55.23 million cases—making it the highest number of COPD cases worldwide.”

“Tragically, India also ranks second globally in terms of COPD-related deaths, with nearly 0.85 million fatalities each year,” Roy said.

He emphasised that the nation grapples with a distressing reality regarding Asthma, as it leads the world in terms of Asthma-related deaths, with India accounting for 43% of global fatalities caused by this condition.

“The campaign will offer crucial information on lung health, smoking cessation programs, and the importance of quality sleep in maintaining healthy lungs.”

Explaining the campaign, he said, “This World Lung Day, Alkem Laboratories is dedicated to promoting healthy lungs and the importance of inhalation therapy.”

“We believe that access to quality healthcare, including inhalation therapy, should be a fundamental right for every individual, he added.

Pointing out that the extensive campaign emphasises not only the importance of healthy lungs but also highlights the crucial role of inhalation therapy in managing respiratory diseases.

With a nationwide effort and steadfast dedication, India is expected to take a significant stride toward a healthier and more informed future, the statement read.

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