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Dr Kanchan Verma and Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar

Kailash Deepak Hospital Hosts Inaugural Ankle Hands-on Boot Camp: A Leap Forward in Bone and Joint Diagnosis

Kailash Deepak Hospital in Delhi recently spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative, the Ankle Hands-on Boot Camp, a pioneering workshop designed to educate medical professionals on the utilization of ultrasound for diagnosing bone and joint conditions in patients.

Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar, President of the Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound Society and Associate Director of Radiology at Max Healthcare, shed light on the evolving role of ultrasound in medical imaging. Traditionally associated with fetal and abdominal scans, ultrasound now offers a cost-effective alternative for evaluating bones and joints, replacing expensive MRI and CT scans for diagnosing painful conditions.

Dr. Kanchan Verma, Director of Radiology at Kailash Group of Hospitals, expressed gratitude for organizing the workshop in partnership with GE Healthcare, attracting participants from across India. The primary focus was to showcase the sensitivity and affordability of ultrasound in assessing ankle joints, addressing prevalent conditions in today's population.

Dr. Manoj Sharma, Head of the Department of Radiology at Kailash Deepak Hospital, emphasized the increasing demand for advanced imaging techniques, particularly due to the surge in sports activities under the Khelo India Movement. Ultrasound's precision in diagnosing small joints and ligaments provides a cost-effective alternative to MRI, offering dynamic evaluation and therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Manjul Jain, Senior Consultant in Radiology at Kailash Deepak Hospital, commended the workshop's comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal ultrasound, highlighting various diagnostic interventions that benefit patients and society as a whole.

Dr. Gaurav Kapoor, Director of Radiology at Max Hospital, Gurugram, praised the workshop for its nationwide impact in promoting awareness and understanding of musculoskeletal ultrasound as a valuable diagnostic tool.

Dr. Nidhi Bhatnagar reiterated the importance of leveraging medical advancements to enhance patient care. While acknowledging potential cost considerations associated with new technologies, she emphasized the primary goal of ensuring pain-free treatment through the effective use of modalities like ultrasound for bone and joint conditions.


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