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World Hepatitis Summit 2024: WHO's Key Involvement and Sessions

The World Hepatitis Summit (WHS) 2024 is set to convene from April 7 to 11, 2024, at Culturgest in Lisbon, Portugal, with an online component. Under the theme "Integrate Accelerate Eliminate," WHS aims to advance the global agenda on viral hepatitis and provide a platform for collaboration, sharing of experiences, and best practices in achieving viral hepatitis elimination.

The workshop will facilitate discussions on integration, access, innovation, and collaboration crucial for achieving viral hepatitis elimination, while sharing updates from the newly launched WHO document with Member States and global partners.

Around 100 participants from over 40 hepatitis-priority countries, including national program managers, policymakers, partners, civil society, implementation agencies, and hepatitis experts from WHO regional and country offices, will attend.

Discussions will cover global progress and access report, transforming access at the country level, hepatitis B and C diagnosis and care, integration opportunities to accelerate country response, introduction of the new consolidated hepatitis strategic information guidelines, and hepatitis program management.

WHO will unveil the Global Hepatitis Report 2024, presenting epidemiology, service coverage, and access data from 187 countries. The report emphasizes leveraging COVID-19 response lessons to drive progress towards eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat by 2030.

This session focuses on improving data collection and utilization to drive the national hepatitis response, emphasizing the need for data-driven decision-making.

WHO will present new guidelines featuring expanded treatment eligibility criteria and recommendations for prevention of mother-to-child transmission, among other topics. The session will address implications for different regions and perspectives from civil society.

The WHS 2024 promises to be a critical platform for advancing global efforts towards viral hepatitis elimination, with WHO's active involvement and insightful sessions driving momentum towards this shared goal.

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