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Asian Institute of Nephrology & Urology Elevates Male Reproductive Care with Inauguration of Andrology Department

The Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology (AINU), a premier healthcare institution renowned for its excellence in Urology & Nephrology Care, proudly unveiled its advanced male reproductive and sexual health facility at AINU, Chennai hospital. This significant milestone coincided with the appointment of Dr. Sanjay Prakash J, a Fellowship-Trained Certified Microsurgical Andrologist and Urologist, as the head of AINU Andrology, Chennai. Dr. Sanjay's appointment underscores AINU's commitment to delivering unparalleled expertise and personalized care in the field of andrology and urology.

With a patient-centric approach at its core, AINU Andrology Chennai emerges as a beacon of innovation, equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and the latest technologies. The department offers a comprehensive range of andrology care services, addressing sexual dysfunction, male infertility, and specialized emergency and cosmetic andrology solutions. This holistic approach ensures a seamless continuum of precision and personalized care for men seeking reproductive and sexual health services.

Dr. Arun Kumar, Managing Director and Chief Consultant Urologist at AINU, Chennai, emphasized the imperative to address the existing gap in men's sexual and reproductive health in India. He highlighted the prevalence of misguided treatments and the adverse effects of self-medication, underscoring the need for specialized and scientifically qualified care in this domain.

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, Executive Director & Senior Consultant Urologist, expressed concern over the alarmingly high prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in India, particularly among men under the age of 40. He emphasized AINU Andrology's commitment to pioneering advancements that set new standards in care, aiming to reshape the landscape of male reproductive and sexual health.

Dr. Sanjay Prakash J, Consultant Microsurgical Andrologist and Urologist at AINU – Chennai, highlighted the significant contribution of male infertility to overall infertility cases and the challenges posed by societal taboos and lack of awareness. He affirmed AINU Andrology's mission to provide tailored treatment plans, addressing each patient's unique needs to achieve favorable outcomes and elevate the overall quality of life for men.

Additionally, AINU-Andrology unveiled India's first and latest generation penile shockwave therapy machine, Dornier Aires 2. This revolutionary outpatient procedure aims to enhance erection quality and overall life quality, offering better results compared to traditional methods for treating Erectile Dysfunction.

AINU's commitment to excellence and innovation in male reproductive and sexual health underscores its role as a leader in advancing healthcare and improving outcomes for men across the community. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and renowned team of experts, AINU Andrology Chennai sets a new benchmark for quality care in the field of andrology.

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