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Zeon Team at IHFF 2024

Zeon showcases its potential at IHFF 2024

Zeon Lifesciences, a leading maker of health and herbal products in India, made a big splash at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2024 held in Delhi recently. The event, focused on sports and fitness, was a great chance for Zeon to show off their new products and meet a special group of customers.

Mr. Suresh Garg, the founder of Zeon, expressed his excitement, saying, “Our participation in IHFF 2024 was a tremendous success. We were the leading manufacturer in IHFF and drew immense attention due to the audience's growing interest.""It allowed us to engage with global leaders in health and fitness and showcase our commitment to innovation and quality in sports nutrition products,” he added.

Pointing out that IHFF 2024 provided the company with a platform to highlight its latest advancements and engage with a dynamic audience, Ms. Yashna Garg, the Chief Marketing Officer, added, "We are excited about the positive feedback and the potential collaborations to drive future growth."

During the three-day event, many health-focused people, especially those into sports, visited Zeon’s booth. 

Both global and Indian companies participated in the event, demonstrating how collaboration and innovative ideas are driving the sports nutrition industry forward. Zeon, a leading sports nutrition product manufacturer, excelled and showcased the superior quality of their products.

Zeon's participation in IHFF 2024 emphasised their commitment to health and wellness. The event provided an excellent platform for Zeon to display their capabilities, product excellence, and leading position in sports nutrition manufacturing.

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